Faculty Profiles

Timothy Cuffman


Timothy began teaching at The Music Center in 2021. Committed to his students’ development, he stays flexible to their goals while establishing a foundation for growth as violinists. His ability to connect with a variety of students, from adults to young kids, with different goals and musical aspirations is key to his success. Timothy’s love for violin began at age four when he was inspired to play after attending a family concert at the Cleveland Orchestra. Early musical experiences and playing in various orchestras with an array of talented musicians left a lasting impact. “In high school, I was lucky enough to play big pieces with the Ohio All-State Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra, which were extremely formative concerts for me,” he adds. Musical education has always been part of Timothy’s DNA. He has taught in schools across the U.S., including the Crescendo Fine Arts Academy in Longmont, Colorado. Today, he is an elementary music teacher for the Vicksburg Community Schools. He also performs in several local orchestras, including the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Lansing Symphony Orchestra, and South Bend Symphony Orchestra. He recently won an audition to become a member of the Battle Creek Symphony. Timothy earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in Violin Performance and Pedagogy with a Secondary Area in Viola from the University of Iowa. He also holds Master of Music Degrees in Violin Performance and Upper String Pedagogy from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Akron. As an Ohio native, Timothy follows Cleveland’s sports teams and enjoys reading, running, and meditation.