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Duoli Sun


Duoli, a native of Beijing, joined The Music Center in 2022. She values dedication and artistry while focusing on her craft of teaching and playing the violin and viola. “I strive to make lessons interesting, enjoyable, and unique — based on each student’s aspirations,” says Duoli. “I also stress to my students that music requires more than passion. The time and effort devoted to practice and problem-solving are additional keys to success.” Sharing her love of music, she appreciates being part of The Music Center. “They offer the utmost respect and a highly welcoming environment for musicians and the music itself,” Duoli explains. “I especially appreciate the support and opportunities offered for all musicians.” Duoli credits her parents for her love of violin and viola, introducing her to string instruments when she was just a young child. She’s since excelled in every facet of playing these beautiful instruments. Duoli also enjoys listening to music, from classical to modern, and loves to play the piano as well as her beloved string instruments. One of her favorite musical memories is teaching at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and receiving flowers from students at the end of the music camp, which included a note of thanks from the conductors. “These are some of my warmest memories of being a teacher,” adds Duoli. Another unforgettable moment is recording for NAXOS (www.naxos.com) on its American Classical Series. Her skills have also been featured in various classical and pop music cross-over videos where she served as the music director. Duoli is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds a Doctor of Musical Arts. In her personal life, she enjoys her friends and family, experimenting with various perfumes, and is looking to add a puppy or kitten to her household.