Faculty Profiles

Brittany Carey

Music First

Brittany began teaching at the Music Center in 2023 and loves working with children of all ages, developing their skills, and building a lifelong passion for music. “I love the community aspect of The Music Center,” offers Brittany. “You see all walks of life coming together for a common and beautiful purpose.” She plays the flute, guitar, and piano and loves singing. “I appreciate a wide variety of music,” adds Brittany. “For example, I love everything about Taylor Swift. I also listen to worship music, alternative rock, country, and classical and pop genres.” She also reflects on a musical foundation that began early in life. “I started singing shortly after I could talk; it was a natural for me, and I’ve always loved it!” Brittany was introduced to the flute in 6th grade Band Class and began playing the guitar a bit later, sparked by her love of Taylor Swift’s music. “I wanted to be just like her, so I begged for a guitar for my 15th birthday and proceeded to take lessons,” says Brittany. At age 22, Brittany was introduced to the piano while interning at the Radiant Church Worship Department. She began playing just a little — and fell in love with it! These experiences inspired her love of music, resulting in many memorable musical encounters. These include playing flute in the Lakeview Spartan Marching Band, seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and writing her own songs. Like many musicians, Brittany had to overcome stage fright and the fear of failure, but she persevered and today shares techniques to assist and bolster her students. A preschool teacher, Brittany shares that being a teacher is all she ever wanted to do, but Kids Ministry is another endeavor she hopes to try. She also loves to write, whether journaling, songwriting, or creative writing.