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Jeff Hale
battle creek community music school drums

Dear CMS Parents and Students,

We hope that all of you are safe and well, and we can't wait to see you again back at the Community Music School.

In the meantime, we are offering up to 60 minutes of free instruction to our registered spring 2020 CMS students. You may take advantage of this online now, or in person, when we return to our regular schedule.

The deadline to sign up is May 15th, 2020

If you want to continue online lessons after the two free lessons, we can sign you up. Please note that not all teachers are offering online lessons.


How to sign up:

Step I: Complete the registration form

  • Guardians, be sure to complete the permission form below. Classes will not be scheduled until the permission form is completed. Once your permission form is complete, Brianna Baylis will contact you for next steps.

Step II: Tech stuff

  • Download the free Zoom app. DO NOT create an account. All you need is the app.
  • When the lesson is scheduled, you will receive an email with an invitation for the zoom meeting from the teacher. Click on the link in the email.  This will take you to the meeting.
  • Select “YES,” you would like to join with audio and/or video.
  • If you are having microphone problems, try clicking the microphone icon in the bottom left of the screen to turn on/off your microphone. Do the same with your video.
  • FYI, once the student has entered the room the meeting will be locked. No one else will be able to enter.

Step III: Read the fine print

  • Lessons are available on a first come - first served basis.
  • Lessons are limited to school age children from Calhoun County area schools.
  • All of the Zoom lesson content is password protected.
  • All musicians have passed screening requirements for safety and professionalism.
  • The CMS staff will monitor lessons.
  • All sessions are recorded. These recordings will not be shared externally and will only be used for archival, security, and training purposes unless written permission is granted by student’s guardian.
  • By signing up for these free online lessons, the student’s guardian is agreeing to keep the environment for the sessions positive and appropriate and to hold harmless The Music Center and the Community Music School. Should an issue occur with the use of the technology or with at any time during the teaching session.
  • Questions, concerns, or thoughts? Please contact


Enjoy your lessons and we'll see you soon!


Teri Noaeill
CMS Artistic Director


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