Faculty Profiles

Bethany Barroso


Bethany joined The Music Center in 2022 and was actually a student here many years ago. She embraces the diversity of the center’s staff and student body because everyone can learn from one another — both as musicians and people. Today, she continues this welcoming tradition with her students. In addition to classical singing, Bethany plays violin and piano and enjoys music of any genre. Though classical music remains her favorite, anything from metal to pop is extraordinary, with value found in nearly all forms of music. She has also produced music for horror videogame soundtracks, is proficient in many languages, and has been on two national tours with the Electric Jazz Orchestra. Bethany’s love for classical singing emerged after watching the Toronto cast of Phantom of the Opera as a young child — while receiving continual encouragement from her musically trained parents. Still, pursuing a career as a professional musician is challenging, and she acknowledges that many musicians must work full- or part-time in other jobs. “This leaves little time and money for pursuing music full-time, so one must learn to make their own opportunities,” she shares. Having many wonderful musical experiences, singing overseas in Berlin for a summer is one of her most treasured memories.