Faculty Profiles

Anna Joy Tucker

Piano, Voice

Anna Joy joined The Music Center in 2022, teaching voice and piano to students of all skill levels. Drawn to the center because of its diverse cultural offerings, she embraces all forms of music. While the piano is her primary instrument, she also plays guitar, ukulele, and several instruments based on the piano’s layout, such as the accordion, glockenspiel, chimes, and melodica. Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know her students, recognizing that each has unique preferences and gifts, and learning more about them as a person with every lesson. Anna Joy also encourages students to overcome what she feels are the biggest hindrances to a musical career — fear and laziness. “So much of creative life involves choosing to do it and telling yourself you can,” she adds. Anna Joy grew up in a musical family, playing the piano and singing since before she can remember with her mom and grandma. They were also her first teachers and most ardent supporters. “I had a paralyzing fear of being in front of people, but my parents knew I could sing, so they offered me $10 to do a concert with their bluegrass band. I said, ‘I’ll do it for $20,’ and haven’t stopped performing since,” she reflects. While she enjoys all genres of music, you may often find Anna Joy listening to Vulfpeck, Josh Garrels, Taylor Swift, Jon Batiste, Sara Groves, and Broadway musical soundtracks. Anna Joy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecclesiology and the Arts from Greenville University. She is also a pastor in Kalamazoo and married with three kids. Her family recently adopted Willow, a Goldendoodle.