Faculty Profiles

Janet playing the french horn

Janet Channells

HORN (French Horn)

Janet, one of our most tenured instructors, has taught at The Music Center since 1992. She finds value in practice, commitment, and working hard to achieve mutual respect between student and teacher. Janet feels each lesson should be stimulating and informational and encourages her student’s interest in music by applauding their efforts — while ensuring they have the belief to succeed. “I love instilling confidence in my students,” adds Janet. “When they finally conquer something difficult to play, I am just as excited as they are about their accomplishment. There’s nothing more exciting than sitting in the middle of an orchestra and absorbing the beauty of the music.” As a small child, Janet’s mother, a band director, introduced her to the horn, believing it would be the perfect fit. She’s been formally playing since 5th grade and hasn’t looked back. Janet currently plays for the Battle Creek Symphony and Kalamazoo Concert Band. In addition to the horn, she plays piano, trumpet, baritone, and the mellophone — a brass instrument typically pitched in the key of F. She’s an avid fan of all music and loves listening to just about everything, from classical to modern. Janet attended Western Michigan University and studied under renowned horn player Neill Saunders. She has also played with many famous artists, including Glen Campbell, Rita Moreno, Vanessa Williams, and Tony Bennett. One of her favorite musical memories is performing for Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2005 at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek. With her love of teaching, Janet believes she may have been a schoolteacher if she weren’t a musician. She also worked as a travel agent for 20 years and was able to explore many wonderful destinations. In her personal life, Janet enjoys spending time with family and friends and her fur babies, one dog, and three cats. She also is an avid gardener and a voracious reader and works as a bookkeeper for her family’s landscaping business.